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David Wolfe on Ocean-water





Wheat Grass info



Replicate the sun?





OceanGrown Essene bread!




Victoras Kulvinskas interview



John Hartman, CEO of OceanGrown discusses the exciting new promise of mineral rich sea-water.





John Hartman interview by Kevin Gianni



Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network!







On June 9th/08 Nancy Desjardins from Women's Health Academy did an interview with Gino http://womenshealthacademy.typepad.com




On June 1st/08 7pm EST, there was an interview with Gino and Dorit from I am Healthy Radio http://www.iamhealthyradio.com



Why USDA wants to sterilize fresh produce and turn live foods into Dead foods!



Think our non-organic food is safe? think again!

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Great info By Dr. Robert O. Young




Mike Adams interview



OceanGrown Tomato's

Medical News today!



Check out the Kirlian photos: photo-1 wheat grass without OceanSolution


photo-2 O.G. wheat grass with OceanSolution


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Surfactant Complete Soil Conditioner. AmerOylTM is made with a combination of oils from exotic plants. Some of these oils naturally repel insects by a process known as Antibiosis! Biologically & Environmentally Safe! The natural oils contained in AmerOylTM are completely nontoxic to humans and animals. this makes AmerOylTM completely safe to use and apply.              Call  or e-mail for more information!

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Hippocrates Partners with OceanGrown
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Indonesia Tsunami leaves farmers with best crops ever!

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How to grow wheatgrass, Growing wheat grass.
Wheat Grass Growth
Over six to eight days of growth, wheat grass watered with
OceanSolution™ develops a balanced complement of health-giving minerals.

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how to grow your own wheatgrass!

Check out April issue of Vitality Magazine page 92. They wrote a story about OceanSolution™ on how you can increase the nutrition of your food in your garden. Click here to read the article!

David Wolfe interview http://www.newstarget.com/021540.html




Another Interview with David Wolfe Click here to read the article!

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Open Letter to our farmers, suppliers and all certifying agencies both
Foreign and Domestic

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New lower prices

Remember to connect to your heart, it always knows the truth.........

All information on this website is for informational/experimental purposes only, Anything & Everything is possible with the Divine!

We challenge all farmers to put nutrition back into the food supply!

OceanSolution can be used at any stage of plant growth and for any plant, from house plants to a large scale farm!

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This OceanGrown spinach was over 12 feet tall, summer 2010 from the back yard, we believe it reverted back to its wild strain, it goes to seed and plants itself every year.

OceanSolutionTM  is proudly made by Nature and packaged/bottled in Canada!

OS and other Products info click here

OceanGrown Canada Ltd.

FACT: Pricing of manure is up 50% since last fall. 
FACT: Granular phosphate fertilizer is up 100% since last fall. FACT: It is time to re-think how you are spending your hard earned money and switch to OceanGrown's Nature Friendly growing!

OceanSolution  is the first: Mineralizer! (download O.S. how to use)

What is a Mineralizer? Mineralizers are used in place of fertilizers and are first and foremost Non-Toxic, we harvest from the deep sea far away from any shore lines or from any pollution without the use of heat or chemicals; they remain in Solution with the same proportions the way Mother Nature created it. A Mineralizer is concentrated ocean-water without any additives or changes to its proportion.

 From Dr. Young Robert Any salt that does not stay in suspension or colloidal solution is NOT a good salt.

We are a small business trying to help put the nutrition back into our food supply in alignment with Dr. Maynard Murray's 40 plus years of research. We have now lowered the price on bulk orders to farmers,  at a time when all other costs like NPK are skyrocketing! Our promise is to help put "taste, colour, arouma" back in all our food supply and stop chemical use in our food and  environment!

From 1938 when Dr. Murray began his research until today, we have yet to find anything that comes close to the power of the ocean in  OceanSolution and believe we never will! Man cannot create life, The Divines' creation  is perfect! Why go for second best? OceanSolution is on top of the list, number 1, King of the hill, cream of the crop! There is nothing else to compare! We have tried all ocean based so called improved products and remain that The Divine is perfect! More and more growers are using OceanSolution and following Dr. Maynard Murray's work, so what are you waiting for? Order today!

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To all Farmers & Growers:

Consumers are tired of buying taste-less food (holograms) and are asking us where they can buy I am OceanGrown "taste the difference", will your farm be OceanGrown this year? Click on Sprouting/Farming Standards below to see where you can buy OceanGrown mineral rich Food.

Click here for information on why you should be
demanding  "Certified"  I am OceanGrown foods

Farmers, ask us how you can:

  • Cut your Nitrogen use by at least 50% with Calcium Plus!

  • Restore damaged non producing  land with H-A Plus, and B.F. 888 live microorganisms!

  • Feed your plants Natures Balanced Solution; OceanSolutionTM

  • We have programs that work with;

  • Corn, wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, pastures, orchards, vineyards, golf courses, home gardens, house plants and all other crops.

  • You can produce beautiful crops at affordable prices with all Nature friendly, non toxic products that are safe to humans, animals and environment!

Do you want to reduce or eliminate your dependence on insecticides  and fungicides? Click here

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OceanSolution™ is a concentrated liquid solution that provides essential balance from the deep ocean for healthy seed and plant growth – perfect for farms, orchards, pastures, hydroponics and home gardens. The following benefits of using sea solids have been summarized by Dr. Maynard Murray in his groundbreaking work Sea Energy Agriculture: Click here for Instructions on how to use OceanSolution

David Wolfe, Gino Di Serio-In Trust & Ed Bezeau Total Heath in Toronto April -2007

  • OceanGrown Tomatoes  taste like Grandmas while conventionally or some organically grown taste like cardboard. Dr Maynard Murray never found a tomato from his competition in over 40 years of research with more than 18 minerals.
  • The need for dangerous and costly pesticide is reduced due to a stronger plant immune system and enhanced disease resistance.
  • Open-pollinating seeds do not require additional fertilizers.
  • Demonstrated ability to rehabilitate diseased or under-performing orchards and pastures.
  • Extended shelf life of crops when compared to those grown with conventional fertilizers.

 And according to consumer tests, OceanGrown™ produce tastes better than conventionally grown produce.

With the recent republication of Dr. Maynard Murray's Sea Energy Agriculture, readers rediscovered the forgotten legacy of an eco-ag pioneer. Murray's idea -- that ocean water contains a concentrated, perfect balance in bioavailable form -- seems almost as revolutionary today as when he introduced it 30 years ago.

OceanSolutionis a natural outgrowth of Dr. Murray’s pioneering work Sea Energy Agriculture.     http://www.ocean-grown.com/order.html


"Certified OceanGrown"
Growers & Sprouting

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standards, Guidelines & certified companies.
"Certified OceanGrown"
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standards, Guidelines, and certified companies.

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  OceanSolutionTM  is proudly made by Nature and packaged/bottled in Canada!




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