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The Advantages of OceanSolution™ 
OceanGrownTM is continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Maynard Murray. Dr. Murray's book, Sea Energy Agriculture, published in 1976, was largely ignored. This book recounts Dr. Murray's experiments and presents his incredible findings. Recently, Acres USA picked up the cause and published an interview with Don Jansen in Sept., 2003. Since that interview, the interest in, and use of Dr. Murray's and Don Jansen's Sea Energy Agriculture; has skyrocketed.

Results being experienced worldwide are stunning; 
  • cut your Nitrogen use by at least 50%!
  • replace Fertilizers from seed to full growth from
    $5.00 an acre!!
  • increased yields
  • plant vigor
  • pest and disease resistance
  • longer shelf-life
  • superior taste
  • all Non-Toxic Nature Friendly product line!

Sea Energy Agriculture

OceanSolution™ is a natural outgrowth of Dr. Murray’s pioneering work Sea Energy Agriculture which can be ordered directly from  acresusa.com


Organic/Inorganic OceanSolution

What does this really mean?

It is important to realize that plants do not recognize the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizers. Their tiny root hairs can absorb only nutrients that have been broken down into inorganic, water soluble forms. It makes no difference to your tomato plant if the atom of nitrogen it is absorbing has come from a compost pile or a fertilizer factory. There are, however, disadvantages to all forms of fertilizer except

Organic Fertilizer
Advantages - Organic nutrients include such things as cow, sheep, poultry and horse manure. Bone meal, blood meal, compost and green manures will also provide nutrients for your plants.

There is less danger of over-fertilization by adding decomposed organic materials to a garden. It provides a slow release of nutrients as micro-organisms in the soil break the organic material down into an inorganic, water soluble form which the plants can use. The addition of organic material improves soil structure or “workability” immensely.

Disadvantages – For the most part, organic fertilizer is not immediately available to the plants. As noted above, this “slow-release” feature can be an advantage. However, if there is an immediate need for nutrients, organic fertilizer cannot supply them in a hurry. Furthermore, information on the amount of nutrients and the exact elements in an organic fertilizer such as manure is not readily available to the user. In contrast, when you apply manufactured inorganic fertilizer you know the kinds and amounts of the elements it contains, and this allows you to be more precise in meeting a plant’s nutritional needs.

The possibility of nitrogen depletion is another drawback of organic fertilizer. Because of complex bacterial action, the addition of a large amount of organic material can cause a temporary nitrogen depletion in the soil and therefore in the plants.

Inorganic Commercial Fertilizer
Advantages- The primary advantage of using packaged commercial fertilizer is that the nutrients are immediately available to the plants. As well, the exact amounts of a given element can be calculated and given to plants.

Disadvantages – Commercial fertilizer, especially nitrogen, is easily washed below the level of the plant’s root system through the leaching of rain and irrigation. An application which is too heavy or too close to the roots of the plants may cause “burning, a process of desiccation by the chemical salts in the fertilizer. As well, overly heavy applications of commercial fertilizers can build up toxic concentrations of salts in the soil, thus creating chemical imbalances.

OceanGrown’s - OceanSolution
It is well understood that there are radical health differences between plants and animals found in the sea and those on land. In the ocean, life thrives on a precisely balanced diet of inorganic nutrients while our landlocked environment has been increasingly unable to provide plants and animals with the full compliment of minerals necessary for health and longevity.

Ocean water holds the perfect balance essential for sustaining life. Quantitative analysis of the elements in our blood and those in unadulterated seawater has revealed a strikingly similar profile, including a substantial presence of sodium chloride. It is interesting to note that salt, when in proper balance with other nutrients, is actually beneficial to plant growth.

The ocean is the only source where most of the known elements are in a perfectly balanced solution. Until now, soil and hydroponics growers have normally used fertilizers and nutrient solutions based on only three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). More recently, the agricultural and scientific community has begun to recognize the importance of micronutrients so that progressive growers utilize up to 16 elements in their plant nutrient applications.

OceanSolution offers a “buffet” of  Divine magic for any particular plant, crop or grass to reach its maximum genetic potential. It’s like taking your grass off chemicals and leaving it up to The Divines' Magic.  It’s non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and it’s “The Right Thing To Do”. .


Wheat Grass Growth
Over six to eight days of growth, wheat grass watered with
OceanSolution tastes much better than without.

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