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OceanSolution™  The one and only "Mineralizer"
100% Natural Solution for Farmers, Hydroponics Growers and Home Gardeners. Liquid Concentrate. Call 1-877-GRO-EASY or Order Online

Order OceanSolutionOcean Grown Plant Nutrient: OceanGrown, Ocean Solution, organic, plant growth, greenhouse, hydroponics, nutrients, soil, fertilizer, orchards, pastures, plant yields, harvest, crops, aerobic bacteria The one and only "Mineralizer"!

100% Secure Online Ordering is Now Available For North America Only (not including Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Guam) We can ship around the world, just e-mail us your address and quantity for a shipping quote.   Add all the items you desire using the "Add To Cart" button and then "View Cart" to review your contents and proceed to checkout. Applicable taxes will be added for Canadian Residents. All orders are securely processed from PayPal. You don't need an account to order, all major credit cards are accepted.    For bulk orders please call toll free, for bulk pick up @ Aurora Ontario or to pick up small orders @ City of Vaughan, Ontario, please call toll free.

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Order By Phone (Toll Free Canada and USA)
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Make your check or money order payable to
OceanGrown Canada Ltd, and send to our mailing address:
OceanGrown Canada Ltd
29 Niagara St.
Toronto, Ontario
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NOTE: OceanSolution™ is highly concentrated: one (1) gallon of Solution will make up to one hundred (100) gallons of Natures Balanced Solution ready for watering or irrigating any plant or seed. OceanSolution™directions, click here

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shipping prices for North America Only

OceanSolutionTM  is proudly made by Nature and packaged/bottled in Canada!

OceanSolution can be used at any stage of plant growth and for any plant, from house plants to a large scale farm!

NOTICE,  all shipments are expedited with Canada Post unless otherwise noticed (up to 5 gallons). We cannot be held responsible for delays from border hold up, strikes etc. Canada Post is the most economical way to ship, if you want UPS standard or quicker, we can add the difference once the purchase is made through a PayPal money request.

All information on this website is for informational/experimental purposes only, Anything & Everything is possible with the Divine!

We challenge all farmers to put nutrition back into the food supply!

The Name-brand "OceanSolution" is not available in Canada.  Only ocean water to use as you please.


Ocean Water 3x Concetrated

AmerOylTM           click here for info

Quantity  Price Cart
AmerOyl 1 Litre $40.00 
(+$19.00 S&H)
AmerOyl 1 Gallon $120.00
(+$23.00 S&H)
AmerOyl 5 Gallon $495.00
(+$63.00 S&H)

CitroBioTM            click here for info


(helps with mold in sprouting + many other uses)

8oz $20.00 
(+$12.00 S&H)
CitroBio 1 Litre $70.00 
(+$19.00 S&H)
CitroBio 1 Gallon $234.00 
(+$23.00 S&H)


TDS Meter 3

TDS Meter
Read details about the meter

Read on how to use the TDS meter
with Ocean Solution

1 TDS Meter $49.97 
(+$12.00 S&H)
New Omega 8006 Juicer
Single gear, masticating juicer.
1 Juicer

Reg. price . $395.00

out of stock

(+$27.00 S&H)

Carbon Plus 4-20 oz per acre Carbon Plus 4-20 oz per acre Reg Prices for 55 Gal Drum $4950.00             Reg price for 5 gallon pail $500.00  50% off   55 Gal Drum  $2500.00       per 5 Gal pail $250.00  

email/call for info


HA Plus  (humic acid) 1/2-2 gal per acre HA Plus  1/2-2 gal per acre Reg Price for 275 gal tote $5775.00 Reg Price for 55 gal drum $1237.00 and 5 gal pail  $130.00 50% off 275 gal $2887.00  55 gal $618.00  and 5 gal $65.00 email/call for info

CleenGreen Calcium  3-4 gallons per acre. Root crops 5-10 gallons per acre

CleenGreen Calcium  3-4 gallons per acre. Root crops 5-10 gallons per acre Reg price for 275 gal Tote $2065.00  55 gal drum $550.00 5 gal pail $65.0 50% off 275 gal $1032.00 55 gal $275.00  5 gal $32.00

email/call for info


Recommended Books

Sea Energy Agriculture
Dr. Maynard Murray
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Fertility from the Ocean Deep
Charles Walters (Acres USA Magazine)

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