Using the TDS Meter with Ocean Solution

Never use TDS meter in undiluted OceanSolution or sea water. You will short unit out and will void warranty. Never submerse the whole unit in water, only the bottom 1 inch or so needs to touch the water. Turn on, hold in water until you see a steady number. If flashing multiply by 10. That is your parts per million.

Add OceanSolution, stir well measure again. Keep adding OceanSolution or fresh water until desired reading. The meter is for measuring up to 9,999 parts per million. You will never mix a solution more than 3,500 to 4,000 parts per million for any plant.

Most will be happy with 2,000 parts per million or less. Use the chart as a guide only, you can fine tune by watching for results.

Happy growing.

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