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The OceanGrown Method for Growing Wheatgrass at Home

Why Grow Wheatgrass at Home?

Without doubt, the simplest and least expensive way for an individual to enhance his or her health is to grow and juice wheatgrass at home. All wheatgrass, when cut in the 7-8” range, is nutritious—even when it is grown on a synthetic bed and watered with plain water. But when wheatgrass is watered with OceanGrown Solution, the grass (and the resulting juice) has been found to contain more of the 90+ mineral elements found in nature more than any other vegetable we’re aware of. Why? Because OceanGrown Solution brings to wheatgrass the same natural balance of all major and trace mineral elements found in a perfect  balance solution in all the oceans of the world and is identical to human blood in its make up! There is no mistake on Nature's part. Nature’s balanced diet of minerals is absorbed by wheatgrass when OceanGrown Solution is used as a liquid nutrient. The inorganic minerals are then transformed by the grass, by attaching a carbon atom to each mineral element, into an organic form which the human body can absorb—and you get the benefit!

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What You’ll Need to Get Started

Nothing could be easier than growing wheatgrass at home. These instructions will help you get started with a proven method which you can then adjust as you get comfortable with growing your own grass. (You will also need a wheatgrass juicer; see the information on juicers at the end the downloadable instructions.) Here’s what you’ll need:

* Raw, whole wheat berries (we use hard, red spring wheat berries)
* OceanGrown Solution
* Two 10”x 20” plastic greenhouse flats, and two plastic domes to fit over the flats
* A large kitchen mixing bowl.
* Colander
* Clean spray bottle for watering the grass
* Watering can with shower head
* Non-chlorinated paper towel (EcoSoft or Seventh Generation brand)
* Good quality plastic gallon jug for making OceanGrown solution

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